My Example

'The best possible start to their teaching career'

Ofsted Report (2016)

My Example

'The key strength of the course is that I have felt completely supported on every step of my journey into teaching. '.

Nancy (DPSCITT Graduate, 2021)

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What our trainees say..

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Devon Teacher Training DPSCITT

From our Former Trainees



The willingness of all DPSCITT staff to go above and beyond in their support of their trainees is amazing. They were always there for you. This support was also very visible in the way the subject tutors supported us as a cohort. I exchanged numerous emails with diverse tutors and all of them went out of their way to help however they could.



The key strength of this course without a doubt is the support which I have had as a trainee. I have felt completely supported with every step of my teaching journey by both the DPSCITT staff and the staff at my placement schools, and I cannot thank you enough. I felt so proud to be able to celebrate securing a teaching job for September and to be able to say that I trained with DPSCITT!




Trust the SCITT process: it works! I have felt supported by SCITT every step of the way. It’s like being part of a SCITT family – Kate, Sam, Helen and trainee teachers have all played their part in making me become the teacher I want to be.

I am excited about the journey ahead and also pleased to know that I will also have SCITT with me on my journey as an Early Career Teacher.